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Everywhere we go, we offer our Video Game Exchange. If kids come to one of our events or to any where we are working, they can bring us their used video games and turn them in and promise instead to get outdoors more, they get to put their name in raffle to win great outdoor gear that has been donated to us by companies that also want to see the kids having fun in nature. We have some great companies sponsoring this exhange!

When we gather a large amount of video games we take them to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City for the kids that can not get outdoors to be able to play while they are healing. Primary Children’s said they go through them so fast that they can use all we are able to collect.

One of our biggest goals is to get kids to put down the controllers that we are all getting so used to and instead get back outside in nature!  So, to do this, we like to get kids excited about downsizing their video game collection.  So at most of our events, if you bring a new or gently used video game to donate to a local children’s hospital, you will be entered in a raffle for that particular event that gives you a chance to win some some awesome outdoor prizes.  So helps us out kids in Utah . . . . lets turn in the video games, help kids that are not feeling well and in turn win great prizes that will get you outdoors with us!  Lets turn in hundreds if not thousands!!!!!

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