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Meet The Team

A.J. Garcia

I was born in November of ’97 and I love to fly fish, snowboard, ski, paddle board and much more. I have a twin brother, Jace, that I sometimes allow to go with me. Lol. I am now a junior in high school and love the outdoors.  I try to spend at least one full day in the outdoors every week and it still isn’t enough.  My favority adventure this past year was being able to go to Belize.  The people, wildlife, beauty and fly fishing there was something I will never forget!


Cameron Garcia

Hi! My name is Cameron and I am eleven years old and have been a part of Twin Territory since it started three years ago.  I love Twin Territory because I get to work with my brothers and help kids love the outdoors like I do.  My favorite outdoor hobbies are snowboarding, fly fishing, playing soccer and hiking.  My favorite food is brownies and I have a cool dog named Boston.  He is a Jack Russell.  I hope you will all come to our events and help your friends outdoors too!

Jace Garcia

My name is Jace Garcia and I am so stoked that I am a part of Twin Territory. I have a twin brother, but I am way better looking!   My favorite sports are fishing, snowboarding and hunting.  I am excited to try rappelling this year.  I am a die hard Pittsburg Steeler fan and have been since I was like two.   I love Twin Territory because we get to learn new outdoor hobbies and skills and then teach them to other kids too!

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