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We were so lucky that we got to go to AFFTA this year. It was in Bozeman Montana October 16-19. Me and my brothers got to meet some really awesome people and got to watch the new Confluence Film called Providence. It was so cool watching it because I have met Camille who is a star in this movie. I met her at the Go Pro Games this past spring. She did sooo good in the film and caught some great fish.

If you don’t know what AFFTA is it stands for American Fly Fishing Trade Association. Everyone there loves fly fishing and so we thought it was great that we got to be in the middle of it. We even were able to do a presentation at lunch time. It went pretty good. A lot of people loved some of our ideas. We were even asked to go out of state and do some Zombie Fishing events!

If you ever get to Bozeman there are a lot of awesome rivers to fish. Message us and we can tell you about the fly shops or stop in at Yellow Dog and get some tips on guided trips too. Thank you again AFFTA for having us. CAMERON