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Hank Patterson

So a lot of you know that our grandma died not very long ago from breast cancer. She didn’t love to fish like we do but she loved being outdoors and her thing was birds. All of the cousins called her a bird nerd. So when we heard there was a fund raiser for Reel Recovery that helps cancer patients we wanted to go. When we heard it was to honor Reese Fergeson who is an actor that is on Hank Patterson’s video we really wanted to go. He was incredible but left us also too soon from cancer.

First of all we want to tell you if you have never seen Reese and Hank then you need to youtube or order some of their videos right now!

Second we want to tell everyone how great that derby was. The people were incredible and you could see how much they loved Reese.

Third we want to say is that If you can get involved with Reel Recovery or Casting for Recovery then do. They really help people that are fighting cancer and give them some great times and friendships.

Fourth, we hope we can go back next year and if we do we will post about it ahead of time and you all should be there with us to!

1st Annual Crazy Reese Hopper Dropper

1st Annual Crazy Reese Hopper Dropper