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Meet Jenika!

              My name is Jenika Weaver I am in eighth grade. I was born in March of 2005. I love the outdoors. I hunt, hike, snowboard, snowmobile, dirt bike, water ski, camp, fish, kayak and do as much as I can as often as I can outdoors. I have four siblings and we keep our amazing parents on their toes. I play a lot of sports. I play basketball, golf, softball, and soccer. I love to be active and healthy. I have made many of my best memories outside.

I’ve only been hunting for two years with my own tag but my parents have been taking me out hunting with them since I was 8! I love to go hunting. I would hunt every day if I could. In 2018 we went elk hunting. We hunted for 10 days. My dad and I hunted for 6 days together my mom joined us for 4 days of the hunt. My dad got an awesome 6 point bull. It was hard to help him pack the meat out. But it was so much fun! While we were out there it was getting dark when we were trying to get it back to our side by side. It was so cool to see and hear nature at night. I’m glad I had my dad there. I’m so glad that I can grow up hunting and enjoying the outdoors!

I am so excited to join Twin Territory! The outdoors has impacted my life greatly and I want other kids to have those experiences in their lives too. I am also very excited to encourage kids to get out and be in the outdoors! There is no better place to be than outside. There is so much to love about it.