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Over this past weekend we went to Flaming Gorge, not for lake trout, not for big rainbows or salmon, not even for small mouth bass . . . We went for the UGLIEST fresh water fish known to man.   The dreadful burbot! They were illegally placed in the Gorge, and the DWR said that who ever catches the person responsible for bringing them here gets a $10,000 reward.  That is a lot of money!  Although we have no clue who to hunt down, we did decide to help the Gorge and pull a few fish out of there and therefore went a fish’n.

My mom thought we were crazy  because we didn’t leave the house until after 2 pm on a Saturday.  We had a 3 to 4 hour drive just to get to the Gorge and therefore wouldn’t be able to set up and start fishing until after dark.  And that is exactly what we did.  We have had pretty mild weather so far this year, so it was not too cold, even in December, even in the outdoors under the moon.  : )

DANG! DAD WINTERIZED THE BOAT… So we had to fish from shore.  AFTER fishing our guts out for six hours, fishing the bottom, we had a nice chat with a DWR man and he laughed and let us know that  burbots don’t eat off the bottom. Bummer!!!

Because is was now like 1 in the morning and we still had a 3 hour drive home, we couldn’t stay (Mom called at midnight and let us know this . . lol).  It was a way big let down.  BUT, now we know . . . now we will be ready . . . . . we WILL catch UGLY fish!  For the sake of all other wildlife under the Dam waters . . . we will return.  Next time, we will be arriving with floating jig heads . . . that should do the trick.  Tune back in soon to find out and see a picture of one of the UGLIEST fish around!

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